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Testimonials - Patient Stories

Dear Anthony, I would also like to thank you for your Cold & Flu Drops I would never be without these drops during winter, saves Doctors bills and antibiotics and the list goes on when sick, but Cold & Flu taken during winter guaranteed no sickness and a healthy winter.
No need for Flu vaccine just use your Cold & Flu drops stay healthy all year around, I would highly recommend this to everybody which is also wonderful for asthma, I used to suffer with chest infections every winter but no longer have this problem after taking your Cold & Flu drops.

Thank you Anthony for your excellent products.

Hello Anthony,I just wanted to thank you so much for the INJURY & SURGERY FORMULA, I have recently broken my ankle and had surgery with plates and screws.
While I was in hospital I was given Panadine forte but the atheistic told me before surgery this would not relieve the pain after surgery, I would also need morphine
which kept pain under control. On the second day I was to be discharged and I could not continue with morphine and sent home with Panadine forte, this was not
relieving the pain to cope with but being allergic to Nurofen I couldn’t take anything else. I had used Injury & Surgery Formula years ago so started using my old bottle this was amazing after two days no painkillers of any sort just Injury & Surgery Formula. I phoned you for 2 more bottles and thank you for your excellent and prompt service.
I used them instead of pain relieve that you purchase from chemist and if I woke during the night in pain just reached for my Injury & Surgery Formula.
I would highly recommend these to everyone having surgery and post-surgery. When I revisited the surgeon to remove the stiches he was amazed I was pain free
and my wound had healed wonderfully, I thank Anthony for your Injury & Surgery Formula.
I would not be without this formula as not only helped pain tremendously but also heeled the wound fast.
A healthier way to recover after surgery no side effects, excellent product and works wonderfully.

Hi, Anthony. As always your remedies have taken effect. Thank you. I’ve been taking the daily probiotics you recommended for the past week or so and the change has been dramatic. Energy and enthusiasm have returned. All the essentials – bowels, appetite, digestion, attention, sleep – are back where they should be. I hadn’t realised how flat I’d become. I’d started to believe that lethargy and two naps a day was normal. Those two weeks with UK grandchildren back in September totally emptied the battery. I’ll organise the next visit differently.
As always so grateful for your expertise. Life is good! Thank you. - Thomas
Dear Anthony, I am finding the new mix of drops is helping me get to sleep most nights now which is wonderful. I still wake up a bit but can often get back to sleep. Cheers, Amanda 2016
Dear Anthony, I just want to give you an update and summary of the teeth problems I had over 4 weeks – and thank you very much for the medication for working on the problems overall and especially the quick relief of the Injury and Surgery Spray which was, well, a life saver.

Basically there were 4 “critical” visits (apart from the checks in between) over about 4 weeks. It turned out that my previous dentist had obviously overseen the cyst and infected wisdom tooth when replacing 2 crowns 9 months ago.

The first visit was with a huge fat cheek with an abscess. The second was discovering another infection on the opposite side. Then came the crown where the infection had been and the extraction of a bottom molar. The Grand Final was removing the back 2 teeth at the top on the RHS and the infected wisdom tooth high above them – discovery of the cyst. Each time the dentist had to lance and stitch, the worst being the Grand Final – the time it took and the way he had to do it, including 8 to 10 stitches. Each time after I left I sprayed the Injury Spray and it definitely helped. The last time I made it out of the surgery but once the lift doors closed the trauma hit (I’m not a wimp, and medical friends said he should have used a light full anaesthetic). I just began to sob and shake, but managed to spray. As it was acute, I think I used it every 10 minutes at first. It really calmed me down and I was much better, relatively “normal” after half an hour. The dentist had prescribed some fairly heavy pain killers, but I ended up only taking one normal Ibuprofan 600. The dentist didn’t want to believe me but that’s how it was, and I was not playing a hero. During the whole time I took the drops you had prescribed regularly.
Everything is great now, the gum has hardened. I just have to decide if I want to go back and get the gaps filled.
Thanks again,
Hi Anthony, thank you so much for the drops for A's twitching they have worked wonders and have reduced his twitches enormously.
We are just about out of the first bottle and I was wondering if we need to come back in to get another bottle?
Thank you - Kind Regards, S.

PS. Anthony has helped out each member of my family with various ailments and each time he has fixed the problem. To me he is a miracle worker and I would recommend him every time.

Dear Anthony, thank you for the drops you issued at my April appointment. I am back to where I was in November 2011.
I sleep like a top, wake clear headed and no pain or spasm, take the dogs for a walk before breakfast!
Compare last week: awake most of night from 0100 to 0400, wake again at 0900 bent double with pain and spasm and a very very muddled head!
A very big thank you!!

Dear Anthony, I saw you while we were visiting from Interstate.

Thank you for what you prescribed me. I have felt that the remedy has been an essential part of my healing over the last few months and greatly assisted me at many levels. To mention a few; I have completely changed my diet and I am now free of digestive disturbances I was experiencing. My eyesight has improved considerable since I have made these dietary changes! I can now watch TV and the movies without my glasses! I have done so for the last 24 years, since I was 16 years old. I was diagnosed with an astigmatism.

Kind regards,Maria D.

Hi Anthony, I'm feeling so much better! Thank you.

It was a sudden improvement last week - one of my friends commented that I had my spark back. It was strange to feel good so quickly. I've got more energy, feel calmer, and have been busy catching up with people. Even went surfing with friends on the weekend.
Many thanks again for seeing me out of hours last week. I really appreciated it - feel like I can enjoy the festive season now.
See you in the new year! Maryanne

Hi Anthony, just wanted to tell you how fantastic the surgery drops were after the birth of my baby.
I used these after a forceps delivery and episiotomy and found them to be really effective.
I would recommend these to anyone having surgery as they certainly helped with the healing process and the recovery.
Kind Regards
...thank you Anthony... I am now walking without a stick and its wonderful - NZ thx
".thank you for giving me my life back...I had balance problems but it has improved so much that I have to get into the habit of not holding on to things...."
John B.

Hi Anthony, Carl has an appoint for tomorrow morning and I am emailing you to let you know that he is doing well and I won't need to come tomorrow. The combination drops worked well and I stopped using them 2 weeks ago and he is still doing well. I will let you know if things change and make an
appointment to see you then.
Thank you so much for all your help in making Carl a happy baby.
Regards, Christa

Hi Anthony, sorry I haven't been in touch sooner - just wanted to let you know that since the last time Edward and I came to see you he has had another ultrasound (late August) and there had been more tissue growth in the hole in his heart. YEAY! Because of this the Cardiologist took him off the diuretics and told us he didn't want to see us for 6 months. So GREAT news. He is still on the third percentile in weight, but a good height. Anyway, thanks heaps Anthony, it has been a real blessing to find you. I have also passed on your details to another lady whose Grandson also has a hole in his heart. Of course each case is individual but you never know - if you helped my baby I don't see why you can't do the same for others.
ok thanks and have a great break - kind regards ... Mary

Hi Anthony, just wanted to comment on Alexander's asthma ...
Not too sure if we are out of the woods yet but I have noticed a remarkable change in Alexander's health ( crossed fingers).
We have had a fairly ordinary winter so far and looks like Alexander is alot happier and healthier so far.
He has not had an attack for almost a year now and even though he has had his share of colds etc, I am excited to inform you that it has not developed into his usual case of asthma ( if it did, we did not notice).
We are very hopeful that this is a sign of things to come and we have marvelled at his continued improvement.
Being a patient of your father's, I have alot of respect for you methods. After all, he helped me when I was a child; so I am now thrilled to be able to offer the same sort of remedies to my children.
Just wanted to say a big thank you to your wonderful practises and to say keep up the good work! You are a marvel.


Hello Anthony, we have found that your Von’s Cold & Flu Mixture; we got of you last time we were with you work an absolute treat, they are the best thing ever invented....

Best Regards M. B.

Hi Anthony, I just wanted to let you know that the drops you gave our daughter L. have worked, the enormous wart on her finger that had cracked and got infected has since fallen off - amazing.  It left a huge hole in finger that has since grown back to normal over the last 3 weeks. The one on the base of her foot has also since gone.  We thank you so much, even though it was only a wart it was very embarassing for her and debilatating with its position. She has more confidence now. I just wanted to know how much longer she should keep taking the drops, can she stop now that they have all cleared ?
Kind regards, M.

Hi Anthony, I saw you about one month ago about quite bad gastro caused by a bug caught over in Thailand well thanks to your wonderful drops I no longer have any symptoms present.  Warmest thank you! Therefore I will not need the follow up appt. Thank you so very much

Kind Regards, Megan

Hi Anthony, I am writing to express my thanks in helping my son Jo. He is like a different child. His cough has almost disappeared, he has more energy and just seems a lot happier. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.....I believe in time, with homeopathy, that he will be free of asthma and his constant bouts of coughs and colds.
In addition, my colleague and I would like to make an appointment to see you next Wednesday at around 1pm. Could you please e-mail to confirm. If this is not ok, I will call to arrange another time.
I will not hesitate in recommending you to everyone I know !!!!
Thank you once again - Annette
Dear Anthony, I did a test today and it looks like I am pregnant!! Naturally we are excited  so thank you. There was a definite change in my ovulation pattern which is the reason I got pregnant. I have no doubt that the Homeopathics you prescribed helped. I cant believe it was only 3 weeks ago that you said "it wont take very long at all"  Its as if you knew!

I will be recommending your treatment to everyone I know.  In fact the woman who recommended  you to me gave the same reason for her pregnancy. 
I honestly cant thank you enough. 
Ms J. Murray

Dear Anthony, just a note to fill in about Win's health since she started your treatment.  I phoned her the day that your package arrived and she was in great pain with a headache to one side of the head ending through the spine at the waist.  She was in awful pain. I feared for her life. I spoke to her again today and what a difference.  She was happy in body, mind & spirit. No aches, pains or other discomfortures. Win has asked me to tank you warmly and sincerely on her behalf.  Laughingly she says that she now goes to bed without her hot water bottles.  Now that's a definate relief!

Anthony, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Ellen Wai Wai sends warm greeting and thanks also, her gout/arthritis has disappeared and her mobility is back to her normal state.  Both women now say that they fall asleep during the day- an unusual event.

At 85 & 75 years, I say that at their ages it's not anything to worry about and that we're all slowing down!  However, I'll let you have the last word on that one Anthony!

Dear April & Anthony,

you might be interested to know that I first met you late father ad a consequence chance meeting when we met other guests for afternoon tea on a property in Pearcedale.  David and Edna Roberts fell into easy conversation when he mentioned that on the following Tuesday he was driving up to Newborough to bring his mother down to Kew to see a homeopath called Joseph von Moger.  They insisted that if anyone could help me get rid of my awful migraines then von Moger was my man!  Back then in 1961-1962 I doubt I even knew what Homeopathy was about, Herbalists - Yes, Homeopaths - No. 
I later figured that anyone who drive up to the La Trobe valley to pick up their Mum, take her to Kew and then drive her back to the La Trobe Vally and then return to where they lived in Toorak warranted the courtesy of a follow up!  Curiosity really, as I had already decided that if the Vegenin tablets I was taking every four hours couldn't heal me, then nothing could.

When I went to keep my first appointment at Barry St, Kew, it was awash with people and cars and when I reached the waiting rooms it was filled with people standing as though wedged in.  I waited outside with the other hopefuls and listened as people related their stories about the health system which had failed them and how von Moger had helped to heal them.  Some on the very first visit.  Others were sent home to die - but they lived fruitful lives with Josephs help.

I waited for over an hour and a half until there were enough sets for the 10-15 people left in the waiting room.  I must have been so weary that when Joseph called my name, no one moved.  He looked at me and smiled and I just shot up quite embarrassed (and nervous).  So we walked in together, laughing.  I no sooner sat down when I was informed that I had 5 symptoms to treat and that he could heal me and that I wouldn't need to see him for at least another 2 years.  I couldn't believe it!

"We'll get rid of that migraine, Improve your circulation, clear up you bladder infection, and your cold, and I'll give you a tonic because you're very tired"  All this and I hadn't spoken a word!  And while my mouth was saying thankyou, my mind was raging at David for telling all my health problems to von Moger.  How could he have possibly known so quickly what it was that ailed me?

I must have looked so gob smacked that Joseph slowed down his pace to allow me time to comprehend what he had said.  As I moved to the door I was struck by the humour of it all because I now realised that he knew I had breached a huge chasm.  Laughing, he said "Don't worry, I'll look after you"  I smiled and then spontaneously we both laughed, the joke was definately on me.

I didn't go back to see Joseph until 7 years later, and I've never been bothered by migraines again. The healing I value most was when I asked him for help because my physiology was changing.  I'd gone through sessions of 6-8 week long menstrual cycles and I was worn out.  The specialist I saw said that the only release for me was to have a hysterectomy. Concerned about this advice I went to see Joseph on the 13th of November, Joseph said "I'm going to give you some drops, take them until you finish the bottle and on Christmas day I'm going to give you a surprise"

And, like he said, I did receive a surprise! I went to the bathroom and everything cleared out. I've never had any hot flushes or felt any discomfort of any kind since - and I am so grateful.

In around 1976-77 my sister Jill first met Joseph who healed her of her migraines she had suffered for 21 years.  Just the one visit to Kew and she's never had a relapse.  She still thinks about Joseph and tells me what a wonderful man he was.  I seem to have written a novel & just to conclude; after my first session with Joseph we met up with David and Edna and I said "David, did you tell von Moger about me?"  He replied "No, Mum went in on her own and then we went and had a coffee, I never even spoke to von Moger that day"  and then of course my story had to be told - and re-told!

Kindest Regards, Jackie & Bruce.

DIABETES - Testimonial from Alison H. 2004

During 2001, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Doctors advised me to go on tablets to control it. I chose diet and natural remedies over the medical options. The diet helped , but after a minor stroke in 2002, my diabetes was out of control and my readings fluctuated between 19 and 29.

The thought of going with the medical options horrified me and so i tried to locate a naturopath I had seen many years ago. One day, I saw a commercial on TV for Anthony von Moger, who is the son of that naturopath and, learning that he followed in the footsteps of his father , I went to see him .

After seeing Anthony for a few months, my diabetes is now under control, fluctuating from 4.6 to 6.1..and this has been achieved without dieting. Being able to use natural remedies over medicine has been exciting for me as I know how damaging taking the medical path can be whereas natural remedies work in conjunction with your body.

Dear Anthony, it was on my recommendation that my friend, Veronica, and her family brought Lisa from Hamilton to see you today. I am a former patient of your late, lamented father, for whom my admiration and respect had no bounds. I mentioned to them  that if you were half as good as your father, then they would have good reason to feel confident! I must say that Lisa, after seeing you, looks visibly happier, for you gained her confidence and faith. The family has been through Hell and back, and I pray God that you are the miracle they seek. Your father was so wonderful that my cousin used to fly from Cairns to see him at the Kew practice. She refused to consider any other doctor at all until she became too frail to make the long flight. Your father cured me of rheumatoid arthritis and my mother of severe menopausal symptoms - he also effected a miraculous change in a terminally ill patient of mine ( I am a former nurse) so I was able to tell the Mifsuds and Lisa that my recommendations were all based on personal experience. I also told them about the long queues in Barry Street! I had no idea that your father was also a linguist. A truly amazing man, and the world is poorer for his passing.
Thank God that this wonderful store of knowledge is being passed on!
Best regards Barbara McNeill
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