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At the Homeopathic Centre, we employ many different individual appropriate diagnostic methods.

Some of them a listed below.

Iridology is the study of the eye's Iris, and is a great diagnostic tool to be used in conjunction with Homeopathy.
General observation is very important, particularly when accessing a person's constitution. Posture, balance, colour, and texture of the skin can all give vital clues about a person's health

Physiognomy is the interpretation of the outward appearance, in particular the features of the face to discover a person's predominant temper and character.

The speed, depth, and overall quality of the pulse, as well as the pulse's characteristics can be beneficial in locating area's of "dis-harmony" within the body.
Body Type
The physical constitution of a person is important in diagnosis to not only access the correct remedy, but also the dosage.
As well as listening to the description of the ailment, it is also important to listen to the sound of the voice. A loud voice can be a sign of an excess condition, and a weak voice can suggest a deficiency condition.
Medical History
Past medical history as well as hereditary factors are always taken into consideration when diagnosing a patient.
Exact description of the ailment
The description of the ailment as well as information such as:
What makes it feel better or worse? Is heat or cold more comfortable? How does it feel in the morning or evening?


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