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Anthony von Moger - B.Hlth Sci (Nat) A.N.T.A F805191 - Homeopath

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Can I take the conventional doctor's medication and homeopathic medicine at the same time?
How do I take Homeopathic medicine?
Most patients take 8 drops, three times per day, at least 10 minutes before or after meals.  If your symptoms become more pronounced, this could mean the dosage is too strong.  We recommend you stop the medicine for 2 days and observe any changes during his time.  Then resume your medication at half the dose.  If you have any further problems, please contact your Homeopath
Is the treatment expensive and are rebates available?

One of the priorities at Homeopathic Centre is to make our treatment affordable for everyone. 
Our pricing includes the medicine and rebates can be claimed through most private healthcare operators.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question regarding Homeopathy or Homeopathic Centre

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Homeopathic Centre Melbourne


20 Trent Street
Glen Iris
Victoria 3146

(03) 9889 9835

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