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Homeopathic Treatment Considerations

Bones, particularly those in the spine and pelvis, loose calcium and become less dense with age. The symptoms of osteoporosis vary considerably, and in some people there may be no symptoms at all. Usually, however, there is some degree of pain, especially in the back. Thinning of the bones means that fractures occur very easily. When this occurs in the spine, there may be a consequent loss of height. Attention to diet is very helpful, as adequate intake of protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D is important. Though bone loss is not reversible, constitutional homeopathic treatment may help to slow the process down.

Osteoporosis has been treated by homeopathy.
Osteoporosis requires detailed specific prescribing of the "right" homeopathic remedy.

Trial and error or shotgun prescribing does not work, and therefore we don't recommend self-medication. In fact, self-medication will complicate the overall symptom picture.

Below are only some of the remedies we may prescribe, please note how important the individual symptom picture is. Only when all symptoms, aggravation or amelioration are taken into consideration can a specific homeopathic remedy be selected. A further consideration is given to the potency of the remedy.

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Homeopathic Treatment Considerations:

Calcarea carbonica - Rheumatic type pains are felt after exposure to damp conditions. Pain and weakness is felt in the lower back, with curvature of the upper part of the spine. Symptoms improve when lying on the painful area.
Calcarea phosphorica - Stiffness and pain with a cold numb feeling. Pain is experienced in the lower back and around the hips, which can be so painful that it may feel like a bone is broken. Pain is worse in changeable weather.
Silicea - There is a weakness in the arms and legs, with Sciatic pain being felt in the hips, legs and feet. The pain is better for warmth and wet, humid weather.
Symphytum officinale - Useful remedy for treating fractures caused by osteoporosis.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this website is accurate and current. We do not recommend self-medication, the information herein is not designed to replace the expert and individual medical advice provided by your Homeopath.

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