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Grief -
Homeopathic Treatment Considerations

In Homeopathy emotional symptoms are considered every bit as important as physical ones, and in chronic diseases they are usually treated with even more importance. Unresolved emotional issues, such as grief, can get 'locked up' in the body and cause physical havoc later when they surface under another guise.

Although homeopathy cannot 'cure' grief - there has to be a natural period of mourning - it can ease the process. Serious problems arising from deep grief are best dealt with a professional homeopath.

Grief has been treated by homeopathy.

Grief requires detailed specific prescribing of the "right" homeopathic remedy.

Trial and error or shotgun prescribing does not work, and therefore we don't recommend self-medication. In fact, self-medication will complicate the overall symptom picture.

Below are only some of the remedies we may prescribe, please note how important the individual symptom picture is. Only when all symptoms, aggravation or amelioration are taken into consideration can a specific homeopathic remedy be selected. A further consideration is given to the potency of the remedy.

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Homeopathic Treatment Considerations:

Ignatia - This is usually the first remedy to try in the initial stages of grief, especially if you are in a highly weepy, emotional, and oversensitive state, perhaps even hysterical at times. Sighing is a big Ignatia keynote. Ignatia is very suitable after all kinds of grief, including the end of a relationship or bereavement.
Nat mur - Always try this if Ignatia does not act or fails to hold. You will be tearful and emotional, but the grief is less open and you will prefer to cry alone in the privacy of your own room. Conversely, you may be so deeply affected that you cannot cry at all. Consolation may make things worse. Nat mur can be suitable for more long-term sadness, when you feel you should be getting over it but feel 'stuck'.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this website is accurate and current. We do not recommend self-medication, the information herein is not designed to replace the expert and individual medical advice provided by your Homeopath.

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