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Coughing -
Homeopathic Treatment Considerations

One cough, common to the inexperienced ear, sounds very much like another. Dozens of remedies are available to cure coughs, the most common of which are given below. If these are not successful, consult a homeopathic practitioner.

Coughing has been treated by homeopathy.

Coughs requires detailed specific prescribing of the "right" homeopathic remedy.

Trial and error or shotgun prescribing does not work, and therefore we don't recommend self-medication. In fact, self-medication will complicate the overall symptom picture.

Below are only some of the remedies we may prescribe, please note how important the individual symptom picture is. Only when all symptoms, aggravation or amelioration are taken into consideration can a specific homeopathic remedy be selected. A further consideration is given to the potency of the remedy.

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Homeopathic Treatment Considerations:

Aconite - This remedy suits coughs that are hoarse, dry and painful. They may be quite violent, which causes breathlessness, and they tend to be worse at night.
Bryonia - These coughs are hard, dry and painful. The chest hurts so much that you hold it while you cough. You feel worse in warm rooms and better for sitting up and taking long drinks of cold water. Bryonia can also be an excellent Bronchitis remedy if the above symptoms are present.
Drosera - Use Drosera for an incessant barking cough. This is the kind of cough that takes your breath away; you choke to the point of dry-reaching. It feels as if a feather is tickling the inside of your throat. The cough is so deep that you may have to hold the sides of your abdomen.
Hepar sulph - This remedy suits painful barking coughs, which are worse for cold air or getting cold. The chest rattles and is full of mucous, which you find hard to cough up; if any does appear it will be thick and yellow. You feel weak and bad tempered.
Rumex - Every breath of fresh air causes tickling in the throat, bringing on a persistent cough. Your chest hurts and you feel better for covering your mouth. There is lots of frothy sputum.
Spongia - This hollow, barking cough sounds like the sawing of wood. Your chest feels full and you feel suffocated by it.
NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this website is accurate and current. We do not recommend self-medication, the information herein is not designed to replace the expert and individual medical advice provided by your Homeopath.

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